Frequently asked  questions

Will my data be safe?
Before each repair we take time to backup your documents, photos, videos and any important information you ask us to keep.

Is the pickup and delivery really free?
Yes it is. This is an initiative that we have rolled out NZ wide and people are really enjoying it. It takes the hassle out of the repair when a soft packed box arrives at your door.

Where are you located?
Our office is right on the edge of rural Inglewood at 42 Tarata Road. You are welcome to call in and see the operation here. It is a busy little operation with the computer repair company, the drone company and the webdesign company all operating from here.

Do you sell new laptops?
Yes we do. Daily we receive the specials from our wholesalers. We can call you and discuss which laptop will be best suited to your needs.

How much will my repair cost?
Every laptop is different. Sometimes the repair is simple and the cost is little. Sometimes the repair is complex. We are strive to have great communication and will keep you informed before the laptop repair is started what it is going to cost. If something pops up during the repair that is unforeseen we will call you right away and help you make good decisions.

What kind of laptop repairs do you do?
We replace laptop batteries. We replace smashed laptop screens and LED panels. We repair DC power jacks and laptop charging ports. We swap out damaged laptop hard drives and broken hard discs. We replace cooling fans. We replace damaged laptop keyboards. We supply quality laptop power adapters and laptop chargers. We upgrade laptop ram. We supply DDR3, we supply DDR4. We supply Sodimm ram. We replace damaged laptop motherboards. We replace broken laptop hinges. We replace faulty WiFi and wireless cards.

Where do people send their laptops from?
Laptop repairs in Hamilton, Laptop repairs in Auckland, Laptop repairs in Wellington and Lower Hutt, Laptop repairs in Upper Hutt, Laptop repairs in Christchurch, Laptop repairs in Rotorua, Laptop repairs in Whakatane, Laptop repairs in Matamata, Laptop repairs in Taupo, Laptop repairs in Palmerston North, Laptop repairs in Invercargill, Laptop Repairs in Nelson, Laptop Repairs in Whangarei. We repair laptops from all over the North Island. We repair laptops from all over the South Island.