A little about who we are

Rex and Daryn Short own Laptop Repairs NZ. It is the division of Rex Short Computer Services that repairs laptops from all over NZ. They arrive on the courier and as soon as they are completed they are dispatched back to their the towns and cities across NZ. Rex, Daryn and their team operate from a beautiful rural town called Inglewood. Rex, Daryn and their team have been repairing computers for more than 21 years. Their operating location is fully off grid with the electricity being produced by a combination of solar and wind energy.

The Short family is full to entrepreneurs with two of the young men running successful businesses. Paul runs GoDroneNZ which provides drone solutions to the Real Estate and Oil and Gas industries.  Elijah runs Elijah Short Web Design and is well known in the Taranaki region for his creative flare and his large portfolio of lovely websites. In all Rex and Daryn have four children. The two mentioned above and two beautiful daughters, Josie who is married and lives in Rotorua and Naomi who studies at the local high school.

Repairing laptops from all over New Zealand from Inglewood Taranaki.