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Our team specialises in repairing laptops from all over New Zealand

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Here at Laptop Repairs NZ we repair and service all makes and models. We serve people throughout New Zealand with professional laptop repairs.

We are based in Inglewood Taranaki and have been serving in the computer industry for more than 20 years. Feel free to call us with any computer needs you may have. Contact is 0220 435 947 or 06 756 8800.

Making your laptop run fast and clean.

About us

People from all over New Zealand send their laptops to us for repair. We change dc power jacks, replace led panels, replace keyboards, complete assessments for insurance companies and reload operating systems.

How to get your laptop picked up for repair

Free Pickup

We send a soft packed laptop box right to your door. It includes a return courier ticket. We want getting your laptop to our workshop as easy as possible.

Free Assessment

When we receive your laptop we assess it for damage. We then proceed to call you and discuss the repair options that we can offer to you.

Free Delivery

Upon completion of the repair your laptop will be soft packed and sent on a return courier to you.

Damaged Screens

When your screen is smashed you need it changed quickly. We can do this for you. We provide an efficient turn around time and can even do them while you wait.

DC Power Jack Replacement

DC power jacks become damaged easily. Usually this is caused when the power cable is tripped on. Laptops that do not charge are no use at all. We can replace the jack and have your laptop charging in no time.

Solid State Drive Upgrades

Replacing a conventional spinning hard drive  (HDD) with a Solid State drive (SSD) has a dramatic effect on the laptops performance. We have run many before and after tests. What we observe is a laptop goes from starting in one to two minutes to starting in less than 15 seconds.

Virus/Spyware Removal

Sometimes computers get infected. Once that happens the laptop does not have your trust anymore. We specialise in keeping your data safe. This often involves us backing up you important data and reloading your machine.

Water Damage

Laptops and liquids do not go well together. At the least it usually means the keyboard needs replacing. If the liquid amount is large sometimes it can mean a main board replacement. We can organise the parts and the efficient repair of the device.

Installing Windows

When a laptop becomes unstable it is time to back it up and reload it. We wipe and reload Microsoft Windows on many laptops. This is usually done in conjunction with a Solid State Drive upgrade. For you as a customer it gives you peace of mind that the laptop is clean and ready to hold your valuable data.

 Reviews and Recommendations

Merv Turner

I have always received extremely friendly, prompt service from Rex at Rex Short Computer Services. Rex has not just confidently remedied problems but patiently taught me procedures, using simple diagrams and notes for my future reference. I can only praise his technical and people skills.

Andrew Beck

Rex short has been fixing our family computers for years. He is very skilled and knows what he is doing. He is also a great guy and is really easy to deal with. He is always my first choice when I need computer services, both at home and at work. If anyone ever has any computer problems or just wants a new computer I highly recommend using Rex Short Computer Services.

Chris Smith

Thanks Rex for your prompt service and invaluable expertise. I would be lost without your help. The company values the assistance you give me. Kind Regards Chris Smith.

Mary Bourke

Rex speaks to me in language I can understand. No question is too dumb! He is responsive, generous, and helpful. I’m delighted he was recommended to us and very happy to recommend him to you!

Adam Pearce

Thank you Rex for salvaging 18 years of photos and videos off a dead old computer!!! 5/5

Susan Case

BRILLIANT – the hard drive on my laptop was on it’s last legs – the amazing Rex Short replaced the hard drive, AND managed to salvage pretty well all my documents, files, photos etc. and all my email contacts. Service above and beyond. Totally recommended !! Very happy customer

You should also know…

We have more than 20 years of experience in fixing computers.  Here at Laptop Repairs NZ they get repaired to the highest level. We are always trying to keep the price as low as possible. It is also very important to us that the turn around time is as quick as possible.

Get in touch now

There are different way to make contact. Phone us on 0220 435 947 or 06 756 8800. Email us rex@laptoprepairs.co.nz. Call into our office: 42 Tarata Road, RD7, Inglewood 4387. Message us via Facebook www.facebook.com/Laptop-Repairs-NZ-106284011529059

Questions we are often asked.

How much will my repair cost?
Every laptop is different. Sometimes the repair is simple and the cost is little. Sometimes the repair is complex. We are strive to have great communication and will keep you informed before the laptop repair is started what it is going to cost. If something pops up during the repair that is unforeseen we will call you right away and help you make good decisions.

What kind of laptop repairs do you do?
We replace laptop batteries. We replace smashed laptop screens and LED panels. We repair DC power jacks and laptop charging ports. We swap out damaged laptop hard drives and broken hard discs. We replace cooling fans. We replace damaged laptop keyboards. We supply quality laptop power adapters and laptop chargers. We upgrade laptop ram. We supply DDR3, we supply DDR4. We supply Sodimm ram. We replace damaged laptop motherboards. We replace broken laptop hinges. We replace faulty WiFi and wireless cards.

Where do people send their laptops from?
Laptop repairs in Hamilton, Laptop repairs in Auckland, Laptop repairs in Wellington and Lower Hutt, Laptop repairs in Upper Hutt, Laptop repairs in Christchurch, Laptop repairs in Rotorua, Laptop repairs in Whakatane, Laptop repairs in Matamata, Laptop repairs in Taupo, Laptop repairs in Palmerston North, Laptop repairs in Invercargill, Laptop Repairs in Nelson, Laptop Repairs in Whangarei. We repair laptops from all over the North Island. We repair laptops from all over the South Island.